Tooting Common Heritage Project funding announcement

The trustees of The Woodfield Project are delighted to announce that the Wandsworth Borough Council (WBC) has been offered a substantial ‘grant award’ from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for carrying out the Tooting Common Heritage Project.

A significant part of the grant (over £350, 000 of it) is to be devoted to the ‘renovation of the Woodfield Pavilion, including works to the roof, step free entrances, providing a multiuse space, kitchen, toilets and changing room, and creating an upper floor with storage and meeting place’.

The offer has been accepted by the WBC’s Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee. It must proceed by stages through other committees this month before it can be formally accepted by the Council as a whole. After that approval, the HLF, following a ‘startup’ meeting, can itself give formal approval to go ahead.

You may learn of the scope of the Tooting Common Heritage Project and the process lying ahead, by looking at the papers under agenda point 3 on this Wandsworth Council meeting which can be found here.

As the refurbishment takes place we will be seeking views from you on the development of those plans. Later on we will be seeking volunteers to help carry them out.

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