Pavilion building work

The plans submitted by David Gibson Architects show the main changes we propose to the pavilion. The plans are available here.

In summary, the exterior walls and roofing will be brought back to good condition; internally, the existing ground floor space will be modified to provide toilets with access from outside, a kitchen, meeting rooms, storage etc. The most radical (though invisible) intervention will be the creation of an internal steel structure to support a second floor so as to provide a roof space available for meetings, administration, and extra storage.

The detailed work to the Pavilion is as follows:

  1. General refurbishment to bring the building into good order including:
  • Restoration of the roof and reinstallation of the tower clock.
  • Refurbishment of existing doors and windows retained to enhance thermal and security performance.
  • Overhaul of the electrical services to bring to current standards of safety and energy conservation.
  • Installation of new gas and heating services to create appropriate environmental standards and to meet current safety and energy conservation standards.
  • Overhaul of existing drainage.
  • Installation of effective communications and security facilities.


  1. Internal alterations to the existing ground floor accommodation including:
  • The provision of a central space capable of holding up to 50 people and associated storage space for equipment such as stackable tables and chairs.
  • The rearrangement of entrances to the pavilion to ensure step free access.
  • The provision of an area suitable for groups involved in outdoor (and potentially muddy) activity with locker storage for change of clothes and outdoor equipment.
  • Kitchen.
  • Toilets including accessible units with internal and external access.

The Trustees would very much welcome any feedback you and others who are interested might wish to provide us especially on our plans for usage, which are still being developed.

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